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    Introduction to the
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    Instructional System Design (ISD)

    ISD concepts strive to improve the effectiveness of instruction.
    For more information about ISD, learning theories, and design models, click the image below:


    The GPRC Instructional Design Team can help you develop quality online and blended courses.
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    Elluminate Live! is a world-class, real-time training, demonstration and collaboration environment enables the delivery of live, online learning ,training, coaching, mentoring, and meeting. Effectiveness is increased by engaging participants with ability to talk over the Internet (with full, 2-way audio), exchange text messages, display live video, share whiteboards, multimedia files, and applications-all in one intuitive, graphical interface.

    Elive Moderator Guide

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    BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing system. BigBlueButton allows for audio and video sharing, presenttions with whitebaord capabliities, public and private chat, and desktop sharing.

    BigBlueButton Main Interface


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    Multimedia Resources


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    SMART Board

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    GPRC Social Pinboard

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    The Online Course Development
    Certification Program

    For Program information and registration, please contact: