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Shed the Stigma - Wear Red this Wednesday

by Anna Gillis -

The Students’ Association will be launching the No Shame Campaign where we will be providing free menstrual hygiene products in select washrooms on campus.  This is a pilot project that will need your support for the project to continue into the future years.

Help us spread the word and sign the petition!

Wear red and join us on November 20th from 11:30 am-1:00 pm at Pillars.

We will be giving away some snacks, tampons, and a draw for a PMS Life Saver Kit! 

12:00pm – 12:15pm – Group picture !


Student Research Conference

by Jason Fehr -

Student Research Conference

1st Annual GPRC Student Research Conference

Theme: “We Are All Researchers”

The Student Research Conference is a celebration of many different kinds of research GPRC students do every day. This is a multidisciplinary conference that embraces research from all realms of scholarship. Eligible projects may include the following:

  • Scientific experiments
  • Case studies
  • Creative work in the visual or performing arts
  • Academic papers
  • Textual analyses
  • Historical interpretations
  • Model design and development

Application Form Download

Submissions open November 15, 2019 and close January 6, 2020

Having trouble logging in to Moodle?

by Anna Gillis -

MyGPRC and Moodle have the same username, your 7-digit student ID, but initially will have different passwords. To change passwords or set them to be the same, please watch this video tutorial:

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