Moodle Quizzes

Review Options


Review options detail what the students can see after they have completed their quiz. There are four separate columns that each refer to a different time after the student has finished the quiz.

Options that are not commonly used are not explained in this document. For more details on those settings please press the question mark icon beside the option when you are setting up your quiz. Or you can consult the official Moodle Documentation.
From the main course page, click on the quiz you wish to edit


During the attempt.
This column will be disabled when the "How questions behave" option withing the "Question behaviour" section is set to "Deferred feedback". This is the recommended setting.


Immediately after the attempt settings apply for the first two minutes after "Submit all and finish" is clicked.


Later, while the quiz is still open settings apply two minutes after the quiz is completed, and before the quiz close date.


After the quiz is closed settings apply after the quiz close date has passed. If the quiz doesn't have a close date, this state is never reached.


The attempt
Whether the student can review the answers they submitted in the quiz.


Whether correct
Will show a green check mark, or red x, next to each answer the student submitted.


Displays how many points students received for each question. This setting must be checked if you wish for the students to be able to view their grade in the Moodle Gradebook.


Right answer
If this is checked, the student will see which answer is correct when the review the quiz.